Saturday, January 3, 2009

White Elephant's To-Do List for the New Year

Well, it's been many months since the last post, which leads me to the first item in my to-do list for 2009: explore, explore, explore and write more! Other items to feed the White Elephant, include:

- Search out large seasonal flea markets in upstate NY, CT and MA
- Report on markets and antique stores in other parts of the world
- Visit the "bone man" at the Friendship, Indiana flea market
- Find out the best places to purchase taxidermied animals
- Grow collection of antique bottles and search out local clubs
- Focus on combining the old with the new
- Finally design something with my large collection of animal x-rays
- Find more outsider artists who create things with found junk

Happy hunting in 2009!

Also, as a side note: In 2008, we created a new blog for Curio Design called the Conversation Piece, which is a collection of pics, quips and observations from a NYC designer's point of view. Look for weekly posts throughout the coming months. Check it out here